Growing Older, Changing Hair

"Deep rooted hair care for a deep rooted community"

As time weaves its intricate tapestry through the strands of life, we women often find ourselves embarking on a whimsical journey with our aging hair. Like a well-loved novel, each chapter brings new challenges and surprises, turning once vibrant tresses into a tale of their own.

The first problem that often arises is the inevitable graying of hair, as if silver threads of wisdom are woven into the fabric of time. While some women embrace this change with grace, others may seek the elusive fountain of youth in a bottle of hair dye.

Next comes the unruly texture that seems to have a mind of its own, frizz and flyaways that defy brushes and combs in a rebellious dance, thinning hair that can also cast a shadow over a once lush mane, and dry brittle tangled hair that becomes a daily battle of wills to fight off the ever- looming risks for damage and breakage. So where does that leave us?!

Kanuni Brown is the answer because we understand the unique hair care needs of the “deep rooted” mature community. Our products are formulated with gentle botanical nontoxic ingredients designed to restore and strengthen dry and damaged textured hair and to protect it from the risks for damage.

Our products help mature textured hair by:

  • Decreasing thinning hair and hair loss

  • Protecting hair against sun and heat damage and other environmental stressors

  • Restoring dryness and repairing damage to resist breakage

  • Increasing hair’s elasticity which improves styling and curl definition

  • Soothing dry itchy scalp

  • Promoting healthy hair growth

Join our “deep rooted” voyage and let Kanuni Brown be your partner in combating the “shadows of mischief makers” (risks for damage) so that we can have a beautiful and healthy hair journey together!