The Kanuni Brown Brand Story


Our Kanuni Brown brand story begins in a small wooden kitchen filled with warm laughter, home cooked soul food, and the maple syrupy memories of my grandma Emma’s love.  Just like the generations of black women before her, Mrs. Emma Paramore was the proud matriarch and backbone of our close-knit family in the lively, and culturally diverse neighborhood of Delray Michigan.

She was wise, fearless, proud and enterprising. Her presence was comforting, warm to the touch, nurturing and kind. I will always remember every laugh line of her softly contoured face, and her sly grin as she traded stories with the women visiting her cozy beauty salon, at the back of our home.  It was there in her kitchen, that she would mix her famous natural hair formulas; stirring them slowly with pride and wisdom of the ages. With the knowledge of the women before her, she intuitively boiled and poured the most aromatic herbs and oils, and bottled them in little jars. There was no need to trifle with recipe books. She knew the secret to hair by heart. She knew it like it was her birthright.

Grandma’s salon was the unofficial meeting place for the proud women of color in our community who wanted to feel cared for, with the love only a mother could give. These women faithfully attended this weekly ‘beauty mass’, unburdening their crown, so my grandma could bless their strands with her famous ‘growing hands’. Her salon chair was their space to vent about broken hearts, cheating men and hair drama. It was their place to get a listening ear and an encouraging word.  Most importantly, the women who came to my grandma’s salon left there feeling whole again. They left there, reminded of their beauty, their dignity, and purpose in this world. This is what the Kanuni Brown brand is about. Reminding black and brown women of their unique beauty, grace and pride.

I loved that feeling so much - that feeling of beauty and community - that I always loved going to the salon most of my adult life. However, in 2020 when the pandemic hit and the salons had to close down, many woman, including myself, were at a lose of how to take care of our own hair. So I set out to find solutions and enrolled in hair care formulation school. And with the help of my son Tori who is a veteran hairstylist, Kanuni Brown was born.

Kanuni, the Swahili term for “formula”, is reminiscent of the creativity and science behind perfecting the formulas that comprise this natural haircare line. Brown is a melanated play on words, emphasizing the cultural significance of representation within the black and brown hair community.  Kanuni Brown celebrates the legacy of our uniquely diverse ‘hair-itage’ and is dedicated to promoting health and well-being in the haircare industry. Our products are made with natural plant-rich non-toxic ingredients and are safe to use on any texture of natural and chemically treated hair.


Welcome to our brand, our legacy, our story. Welcome to Kanuni Brown. Choose Your Best You!