The Hair Loss Facts

The Hair Loss Facts

Hair loss is a natural process in the hair cycle over time, but it can also be due to many causes.  The most common type of hair loss is termed “androgenetic alopecia”, or male pattern baldness, which occurs in men and women. Alopecia describes a decrease in hair density and is considered a medical condition that is best treated by a healthcare professional.

Normally when hair starts to grow it is healthy and in good condition. But over time, with grooming, exposure to harsh environmental factors or different hair treatments, hair gets damaged. The first stage of hair damage causes the hair to feel rough which increases tangling and friction and leads to even more damage and hair loss.

This is why damage prevention plays a key role in maintaining healthy hair. Primarily, it is important to avoid the stressors (mechanical, thermal, chemical, environmental) as much as possible and to use a nourishing shampoo and protective conditioner after shampooing hair.

Shampoos are used to remove dirt and excess sebum (oil) from the hair. However, if the shampoo is too harsh, it will remove beneficial oils from the hair as well. This is why it is important to use gentle pH balanced shampoos that are sulfate free, such as our HydraCurl hydrating Shampoo, or our Moisture Max Repair Shampoo, which will not strip the hair and scalp of all the natural oils.

Also, African American hair (3A – 4C) has a very curly hair structure, which prevents natural sebum from traveling from the scalp down the hair shaft. That’s why African hair shaft can easily look dry and dull, even if the scalp is oily. Also, African hair is very prone to breaking and requires special care. In order to prevent the removal of beneficial oils from hair it’s important to wash the hair about once a week only and use conditioners with a good amount of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that strengthens hair, reduces breakage, and promotes growth, such as our HydraCurl Conditioner, Moisture Max Repair Conditioner, Restore and Protect Leave-In Protein Treatment, or our Soft as Silk Amethyst Oil.

        Type 3 hair: wavy to curly                  Type 4 hair: Thick curly to coily/kinky


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